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Work in Progress

Klapper H., Vetter M., Henkel J., Piezunka H. Open Source Acquisitions (invited revision at Strategic Management Journal)

Klapper H., Maciejovsky B., Puranam P., Reitzig M. A model of decision-making in hierarchies. (reject and resubmit at Strategic Management Journal)

Goldsby C., Hanisch M., Klapper H., Corporate Blockchains and imprinting (under review at Academy of Management Journal)

Best Paper Award at Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2023

Nominated for Best Paper Award at Strategic Management Society 2023

Klapper, H., Puranam, P., Maciejovsky, B., & Reitzig, M. A Computational Model of Social Influence in Organizational Groups.

Link to working paper

Lego, T., Klapper H., Reitzig M., A model of coalition formation and learning (reject at Administrative Science Quarterly)